Simple nutrition facts people for Crossfit Ramona folks

  I found this article on Business Insider of all places.  You can find the original text here: 15 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Nutrition  by Kris Gunners Jason Lee/Reuters   There is w
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CrossFit Kids on

Lura Poggi, our CrossFit Kids Schools Coordinator, sent me a link to a blog post titled “CrossFit for Kids: Good Potential, Just Be Careful.” The blog post was on the website and was written by Dr. Dev Mishra. I wanted to repost his piece for a few reasons.
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Let’s Talk About The Things That Matter

In the olden days if you were a CrossFitter it felt like you were part of  a secret society. Maybe without the handshake but certainly we spoke in code.  And when we met, whether passing in an airport or standing in line at a Starbucks, the things we cared about and shared were univer
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Move Well First….

A couple of months ago I realized that my squat had subtly deteriorated. At 360 pounds on the bar I was sliding to the right quite a bit out of the bottom position. It wasn’t something that happened overnight but rather over quite a long time. Because I don’t have a traine
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CrossFit Kids Trainers Should Know Better

For the past several weeks, Mikki and I have been making our position clear with respect to what we view as the problematic culture of youth sports in the US. We have punctuated each statement with a warning that this culture is finding its way into our community in the form of childr
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The CrossFit Open and CrossFit Brand X Team

    Now that the Open is over I want to let you all know how proud I am of the CrossFit Brand X team. Considerable obstacles stood in your way and yet you managed to rise to 46th in one of the toughest regions in the world. You weathered a significant betrayal by someone you
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