CrossFit Brand X participated in the inaugural CrossFit Games in 2008 with both Keegan and Connor Martin competing. Jeff Martin and Brand X have also run multiple SoCal Regional competitions before recently stepping back from that role.

Most recently, CrossFit Brand X qualified a team to the SoCal Regionals in 2012 and one athlete as an individual competitor. Highlights from the regional performance include one female athlete overhead squatting the third largest weight out of the entire female competition, one male athlete being one of two male athletes to complete the squat clean/rope climb workout unbroken, and as a team placing in the top 10 on the second and third events.

At CrossFit Brand X we offer many opportunities for athletes to advance themselves; however, our competitive program has a code of conduct that takes precedence over any athletic prowess. The competitor program offers an additional once weekly Olympic lifting and gymnastics session for an additional fee. If you are interested in joining the training group please review and sign the code of conduct and contact the office staff to enroll.

The code of conduct (include hyperlink to training group code of conduct) includes the factors that are considered for an athlete’s inclusion on team, no spots are locked in until declared to the CrossFit Games staff after the CrossFit Open each year. Each year an athlete’s merits earn him or her their spot.

Training Group Code of Conduct