CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program characterized by constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

What this means in layman’s terms is that each day you come into the gym you will be met with a different combination of exercises that will keep you interested and improving. The movements we train equip you to be better at life; we all need to be able to sit, stand, sit up, place objects overhead, move quickly, and perform a myriad of tasks. In class we teach proper technique and mechanics to enable you to perform the movements life demands safely and efficiently, allowing you to be independent in your golden years or competitive in your sport, whatever your goals may be.

The community in our classes will become your biggest fan, we cheer you on when you reach a new accomplishment, support you as you work through a weakness, and encourage you to expect more of yourself than you thought possible.

Our adult program is second to none; as the longest running program worldwide and birth place of scaling (the process of tailoring workouts to each individual’s needs and abilities), our clients move with unprecedented efficiency and safety. Our training staff has over 100 years of collective experience and we continue to improve ourselves to improve your experience.

Our classes last roughly 1 hour and include buy in skill development, a workout, and cash out skill development and mobility work.