Thursday, July 3, 2014

Preschool class CrossFit Brand X – Ramona-Birthplace of CrossFit Kids
Squats -Where to put our feet
Simon Says (such as simon says Squat/front squat, Simon says burpee/sit up)
WOD – Stars & Bars
AMRAP 3-5 mins
Run to cone #1 and do 5 “stars” ( stars are jumping up in the air with arms and legs straight out)
Jump over “bars” (sand bags ) to cone
# 2 – 3 squats
Jump over “bars” back to start

The kids pretend to be fireworks and sit in bottom of the squat.
Tell them that it’s time to count down for blast off.
Then count backwards from 5to 1 and shout “Blast Off”
When the children hear the “Blast Off”, have them jump up as high as they can.

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