Dan Edelman


Dan began his fitness journey in 1978 with his uncle’s cast-off weight set and Arnold as his role model. His reeducation began in 2007 when he discovered CrossFit entirely by accident at CrossFit Brand X. He is a Level 1 and CrossFit Kids trainer and has been working with adults and teens since 2010. In addition Dan holds six California State USAPL Powerlifting Records.

With almost 20 years as a professional editor, Dan ensures the clarity of CrossFit Kids Headquarters’ communication and publication efforts. His writing has appeared on several occasions in the CrossFit Journal. He also assists in the logistics end and is a Co-Director of the CrossFit Kids Teen Gauntlet Competition series.

  • PRs
    • Deadlift – 485
    • Push press – 240
    • Fran - 3:29
    • Max muscle-ups – 16
    • 5K - 20:25
    • 1 mile - 5:48