Jamie Morris


Jamie’s first exposure to CrossFit came at the 2012 SoCal Regionals. Inspired by what he witnessed he jumped immediately into the program and has not stopped. He earned his CrossFit Level 1 certificate in November 2012 and moved to Ramona in January 2013 where he took on the duties of CrossFit Brand X office manager. A year after watching the SoCal regionals as an uninitiated spectator, he was down on the competition floor as a judge.

Jamie is also a CrossFit Kids trainer and has attended specialty courses in powerlifting and mobility. He assists with the CrossFit Kids Teen Gauntlet logistics and can be found at CrossFit Brand X training clients in every adult class.

  • PRs:
    • 5K – 21:54
    • Clean – 250#
    • Deadlift – 400#